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RCIA...A Journey in Faith

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Do you know someone who is interested in becoming Catholic? Or are you yourself interested in joining the Catholic faith? 

RCIA is the process by which non-Catholic adults join the faith. The RCIA process is open to those who have never been baptized, or who have been baptized in another Christian tradition.

To enhance the program, we are combining with Saint Charles and Saint Luke Parishes.

If you are a non-Catholic who is interested in becoming Catholic, please call Maureen at the parish office (330-533-6839) or email  for more information and for further details. 

RCIA is open to those baptized in other Christian traditions, as well as those who have never been baptized. It is also open to those who were baptized in the Catholic Church but never had any religious education, and never made their first communion.

Inquiries are welcome year round.

RCIA for Christians who have been attending Mass for years:

Are you a non-Catholic who has been attending Mass with your Catholic spouse for years? Do you ever think about becoming Catholic, but aren’t sure you have the time for the full RCIA process? If you were fully initiated in another Catholic tradition, and have been faithfully attending Mass for multiple years, the process need not be extensive. If this is you, and you’d like to become officially Catholic, please call Maureen Hall at 330-533-6839 or email:

Maureen Hall, Pastoral Associate for Adult Faith Formation

Phone: 330-533-6839


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