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        Congratulations to all in our Youth Faith Formation Program!

Sunday, April 28 marks the completion of our catechetical year.   This first year for our new model of weekly sessions has been a great success.  We have had many students achieve perfect attendance, with many more just a Sunday or two short.  I am very appreciative of the parents who have embraced this model and understood the importance of consistent sessions in assisting our young people in coming to a greater knowledge and understanding of their faith journey.  Thank you to our catechists and aides in our program.  Your dedication and enthusiasm has provided a wonderful opportunity for all our young people week in and week out.  Thank you to Ms. Marcy Fessler, our Pastoral Associate for Youth Faith Formation for her never-ending attention to the program, her guidance of the catechists, and her passion for imparting our faith to our families.  Thank you most of all to our young people for eagerly accepting the goal of coming to know more about Jesus and his love for us through his Church.  While the sessions end until September, we continue to ask our young people to turn in their Mass Attendance Cards on the weekend (understanding vacations and such) over the course of the Summer.

Marcy Fessler

Pastoral Associate for Youth Faith Formation

Saint Michael Parish

300 North Broad Street

Canfield, OH 44406

Office: 330-533-6839 


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