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We celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism at our Sunday Masses. Families may choose any of the three weekend Mass options on most weekends throughout the year (excluding major celebrations such as Easter or Christmas). There is a part in the baptism early on when the presider says “This Christian Community welcomes you”. How wonderful it will be to have a large representation of the community welcome these children into our faith and into our parish. It is also a great sign to the community of our continued growth.


Expectant and new parents are asked to call the Parish Office (330-533-6839) to schedule 3-4 months before the date on which they wish to have their child baptized.

Pre-baptism class is required for:

  • First time parents OR

  • First baptisms at Saint Michael


Pre-baptism classes are offered monthly. See more information HERE.

For Canon Law regarding Baptism, click HERE.


Congratulations to the eighteen children who celebrated Reconciliation for the first time on December 11, 2023. They have worked very hard in class and with their parents to prepare for this sacrament.

For more information contact:

Marcy Fessler 

Pastoral Associate 

(330) 533-6839


If a parishioner is homebound or in a nursing home and would like to receive Communion, please call the Parish Office (330-533-6839).

For Canon Law regarding the Most Holy Euchatrist, click HERE.

First Eucharist is celebrated at Masses during the Easter season. 

Congratulations to our 2024 First Communicants.

For more information contact:

Marcy Fessler 

Pastoral Associate 

(330) 533-6839


Celebrated once a year for students in the 8th grade.

For Canon Law regarding Confirmation, click HERE.

For more information contact:

Marcy Fessler 

Pastoral Associate 

(330) 533-6839

Congratulations to our 22 young parishioners who received the Sacrament of Confirmation

on May 11, 2024.


Arrangements are made by the Pastor. Couples are asked to call the Parish Office (330-533-6839) for an initial interview six months prior to the wedding.

Marriage Preparation:

"Engaged Couple Retreat"  is a day-long marriage preparation workshop designed to assist engaged couples in preparing for their life-long vocation of marriage. It is a day to study, review, and learn the truth, beauty and joy of God’s plan. Register HERE. Contact the Diocese of Youngstown for additional marriage preparation opportunities. Please call: Office of Pro-Life, Marriage and Family
(330) 744-8451 ext. 272

For Canon Law regarding Marriage, click HERE.


A communal sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is celebrated annually during the month of October. This sacrament, which includes an anointing with holy oil and prayers for healing, provides spiritual strength to those who are ill. It is open to anyone suffering from a serious physical or mental ailment, anyone with a chronic medical condition, or someone preparing for surgery.


For individual anointing, at any time, call the Parish Office (330-533-6839).

For Canon Law regarding Anointing of the Sick, click HERE.


“For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve.”  As brothers and sisters with Christ, we are all called to serve on another.  Consider that your call to service may be as a priest, deacon or in the consecrated life. 

To find out more, contact the Diocese of Youngstown HERE.



The Parish is the central community of faith expressed and lived out by the believing and worshiping faithful.  All sacraments, especially Sacraments of Initiation rightfully are celebrated within the context of the parish.  All persons whether enrolled in a parish faith formation process, a catholic school or a home-based catechetical process are expected to be prepared for and celebrate sacraments in the parish to which they belong and where they worship on weekends.  Please be aware of the parish of belonging and  respect the expectations of the diocese and the particular parish.


In order for the parish to provide a letter of suitability for someone to serve as a Godparent at Baptism or to be a Sponsor at Confirmation, one must be actively participating in the celebration of the Mass. If married, the marriage must have taken place in the Catholic Church or have been validated in the Catholic Church.


Given the number of Masses and those attending, the only way to verify one’s attendance is through the use of the offertory envelopes.  Again, this is NOT based on the amount in the envelope, if any. This is the same for celebrating a Baptism, Marriage, or having children enrolled in our Faith Formation Program. 


Additionally, for our children preparing for First Reconciliation, the reception of the Eucharist for the first time, and Confirmation, the use of the “Mass Attendance Cards” is required.  While not looking for perfect attendance, the children and family must participate in the celebration of Mass more times than not.  If this cannot be accomplished, a postponement of the sacrament may be required.


Please note, we do not say no, but sometimes, for the proper preparation, must say “not at this time”.  The sacraments call us into community with one another.  There is both a right and an obligation to be known to the pastor and the Church in preparing for these celebrations.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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