February  4, 2020

At your Baptism, we made a promise to bring you up in the Christian faith.

Now we are filled with love and pride

as we see our promise fulfilled in your Confirmation.


Olivia Andrews                                       Macey Kalina
Samantha Aulet                                     Simon Kovass
Emma Barone                                         Alexandra Lewis
Andrew Battaglia                                    Luce Vincent
Nicholas Beistel                                       Aubrie McLaughlin
Paul Bindas                                             Grayson Orlovsky
Isabella Bucciarelli                                  Jack Pallo
Samuel Castronova                                 Brando Papalia
Reese Cromwell                                      Logan Robbins
Mason Cummings                                    Lorenzo Rohrbaugh
Tyler Cummings                                       Nathan Rossvanes
Cameron Dill                                            Mia Sinkovich
Kellen Farris                                            Johnathan Staffeld
Andrew Fromel                                        Cameron Stille
Matthew Fryfogle                                     Maci Toporcer
Sabrina Gatts                                           Brandon Vallett
Michael Gianetti                                       Abigail Weamer
Emma Gostey                                           Kaleigh Williams
Benjamin Herrmann                                 Brady Wilson
Sarah Hlywa                                             Riley Wilson
Evan Hrina                                                Edward Wires
Camryn Hritz                                             Alex Zordich
Alexa Joseph

Parker Julian

Congratulations to our 48 eight-graders who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday Feb. 4 here at St. Michael by Bishop George Murry.

We are all very proud of you, as you are now fully initiated into the Catholic Church.


We certainly encourage and invite all of you to keep Church part of your lives.

There are four dimension to being a human being: Physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. Most people pay attention to their physical and intellectual sides,

but frequently neglect their spiritual and even emotional sides. This is not healthy living. Your spiritual side is what distinguishes a human being from the other creatures of the earth. Life is much easier to endure if you have a strong relationship with your Creator and Savior. Congratulations once again.

Fr. Terry Hazel


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