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Sacred Heart Society
Perpetual Mass Fund


From the Pastor...

In every family, there emerges the “guardian of the faith”. By this, I mean the person that everyone looks to, whether they want them to pray for some need, or assist in understanding some aspect of Church teaching, or even the person who makes sure Masses are celebrated for their loved ones. When I was in my first pastorate, I ended up being the person who typed the bulletin (over time I have become incredibly grateful for only needing to write a column or two). However, during that time, I would notice that around the same time every year, there would be the same Mass intentions. Of course this made sense, as people usually look to anniversaries of birth or death, or some special event in the family when seeking a date. But there would always come that year when none of those Masses were scheduled. It was then that I would recall having had the funeral of the person who scheduled the Mass intentions for their family – the “guardian of the faith” in a particular family. After years of faithfully having Masses celebrated for many loved ones, they themselves were denied such prayers. Perhaps the children had moved away, perhaps they were no longer Catholic, perhaps because someone else always took care of these matters, they were simply unaware of so great an opportunity of intercessory prayer for their loved ones.


It was then that I decided that I would establish a perpetual Mass fund, under the patronage of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to ensure that an ever increasing number of individuals and families could be prayed for, especially the “guardians of the faith”. These intercessory prayers are not restricted to the deceased. It is equally important to pray for and with the living. The way in which this works: you may enroll an individual, couple, or family name in the society for $100 each (example: John Smith; John and Mary Smith; the Smith family or the Smith & Jones families).


A Sunday Mass each month and a Christmas and Easter Mass will be celebrated for all enrolled in the society. At those Masses, the book of enrollment with all names will be placed on the altar. When not on the altar, the book will be enthroned in the newly named Sacred Heart Chapel–former baptistery / bell tower. A statue of the Sacred Heart has been placed in this chapel. This will also be the area where the parish will continue to provide space for family viewings prior to a Mass of Christian Burial, as well as other opportunities of prayer.


If you are interested in enrolling members of your family and circle of friends, including yourselves, please print and complete the “Sacred Heart Society Enrollment” form below and return it to the parish office via the offertory collection. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus lead us ever closer to the joy of the Kingdom.

On the wings of an angel we rise,

Father Lavelle

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