Help create a vibrant future for Saint Michael parish


through your sacrificial commitment


Honor the Past

Embrace the Present


Envision the Future

An increase in the offertory income at Saint Michael will help us share our gifts to envision the future by:

•    Providing the necessary resources to meet our operating expenses and goals.

•    Honoring the heritage and traditions passed on to us to ensure the same blessings for our children and generations to follow.

•    Responding to the needs of all our parishioners.

•    Enhancing evangelization and outreach programs especially to the poor and needy.

To make our vision a reality and accomplish our objectives, we are asking every member of the Saint Michael parish family to make a commitment to our future. We do not ask for equal gifts in your contribution envelopes, but instead ask for an equal sacrifice from everyone.

Dear Friends in Christ,

God has truly blessed Saint Michael parish throughout our 57-year history. His Son, Jesus, calls us to generously respond to the Father in a sincere spirit of gratitude.

Inspired by this faith teaching, generations of Catholics at Saint Michael shared their time, talent, and material resources to faithfully meet the spiritual and material needs of this parish community. They established a legacy that every parishioner benefits from today. St. Michael parish continues to make Jesus' mission a living expression of our Catholic faith.


Today, as we honor our historic past, we have much to accomplish in the present and for the future. Just as in the past, I am confident that the goodness and generosity of Saint Michael parishioners will not only sustain, but help to grow this community of faith.

As part of our Honor the Past - Embrace the Present - Envision the Future program, every member of our parish is being asked to reflect on the blessings bestowed on them by the Lord as related to their level of financial support. Do we show our gratitude with a gift left over from our surplus, or do we faithfully and intentionally make a true sacrifice from our substance?

Please prayerfully reflect on how you will answer our Lord's call and make a financial commitment to St. Michael parish. May our Lord and St. Michael bless us with open hearts and a true spirit of gratitude and sacrifice.

Sincerely in Christ,


Father Terry Hazel, Pastor Emeritus

Electronic Giving: Automatic Withdrawal of Contributions


You might want to consider having your offerings automatically taken out of your checking or savings account (preferred method) or charged to a VISA,

Master Card, or American Express credit card.

Not only is this convenient for you, but it provides the parish with a more steady cash flow.

Click HERE for information about why we

encourage this method of giving.


Please click HERE for our

"Authorization Agreement for

Automatic Payment of Contributions" form.


Simply print out a copy, complete it and return it to the Parish Office.

Please consider leaving Saint Michael Parish

a bequest in your will. 


Thank you for furthering Christ’s Mission at Staint Michael through your sacrificial giving.

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