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Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 4:30

Friday                      9:00 - 4:00

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Phone Numbers

Parish Office                             330-533-6839


   Very Reverend John-Michael Lavelle, D. Min.    


      Deacon Thomas G. Soich         Ext. 17


      Maureen Hall                             Ext. 12


      Marcy Fessler                            Ext. 15


      Stephanie Howley                      Ext. 10


      Maxine Gordon                          Ext. 11

Parish Office Fax                      330-702-0432


Office of Catechesis                 330-533-5275


Family Life Center                    330-533-3181

Email Addresses

Parish Office                


Very Reverend John-Michael Lavelle


Deacon Tom Soich


Maureen Hall    


Marcy Fessler   


Stephanie Howley


Maxine Gordon  


Laura Kunkel   


Family Life Center

Audrey Geskey

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Information for Parishioners and Visitors

Scheduling Meetings and Events

If you would like to schedule a meeting or event for any of our parish organizations, or schedule a rental anywhere in the Church/Parish Hall building, you must do so by contacting Stephanie Howley at the parish office at 330-533-6839.
For all meetings and events at the Family Life Center, please contact Audrey Geskey at 330-533-3181.

Church Building Security

In order to make our church building and staff more secure, we have installed a security door in the parish office with a bulletproof glass window and a buzz-in lock system. We have also limited the entry points to our building during weekday office hours. The main entry point will be the west side entrance behind the church with handicapped access. The doors on the south side of the parish hall by the stairs will be open for the 9:00 AM Fun and Fitness exercise program, but will be locked when the program concludes. After about 10:00 AM the only entrance will be the west handicapped doors.

Of course, there will be exceptions to this policy when events are occurring. Since all doors are on the crash bar system, anyone can exit the building through any door in the event of an emergency.

Handicapped Parking

In consideration of those members of our parish family who are physically challenged, we respectfully ask that you not use the parking spaces reserved for the handicapped unless you have an official placard that allows you to use that space. Additionally, because the spaces are officially designated for the physically challenged, there is a considerable fine associated with parking in those spaces unless you have a handicapped placard.
We also ask that you not use the automatic handicapped door unless you are physically challenged. The door remains open for an extended period of time, causing significant heat/cool air escape and wind that damages the displays that are located in the vestibule. If you are not physically challenged, kindly use the door that is not automatic (right side).

Church Restrooms

In the church building SW vestibule we have restrooms for men and women across from the Sacristy near the water fountain. There is also a barrier-free family restroom in that vestibule with a baby-changing station to the left of the parish office entrance. There is a single restroom behind St. Joseph's Altar that is not barrier-free and a restroom in the Parish Hall. The entire Family Life Center building is barrier free and there are baby-changing stations in all restrooms.


Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

On our property we have three AED machines: one in the sacristy on the counter, one in the parish hall on the west wall, and the third in the Family Life Center on the west wall of the grand hall/gymnasium. . They are maintained by the Canfield Fire Department.

First Aid Kits

We have three first aid kits available: one in the church Sacristy, one in the parish hall, and one in the Family Life Center..

For Parishioners in Nursing Homes, Hospitalized, or Homebound

If you know of a parishioner who is in a nursing home, either temporarily or permanently, please notify the parish office (330-533-6839) so we can add them to our nursing home list and schedule ministers to visit them. Nursing homes do not notify us if one of our parishioners is in residence there, so we must rely on friends and family to tell us. Lay Leaders of Prayer visit twice a month at Paisley House, Ironwood, and Windsor House of Canfield to do a Communion Service. We also have regular visits by Eucharistic Ministers to distribute communion to those people in the other nursing homes in the area.

If you are homebound or know of someone who is homebound and would like to receive the Eucharist, please call the Parish Office so you can be put on the visitation schedule.


When being admitted to the hospital, please let the admitting personnel know that you are a member of St. Michael Parish and would like your name to be included on our hospital list. If you are planning a hospital stay for several days or more for surgery or for a critical illness, please let Fr. Terry know BEFORE you go into the hospital so he can anoint you before you go in. If this can’t be done, or you go in through “emergency” please know that both St. Elizabeth campuses have priest chaplains. They can anoint you. Fr. Terry can come to the hospitals to anoint you but it is getting harder for him to walk those halls, especially the Youngstown campus

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When being admitted to the hospital, please let the admitting personnel know that you are a member of Saint Michael parish. If you are planning a hospital stay for several days or more for surgery or a critical illness, please let the parish office know.