Bereavement Ministries

Here at St. Mi­chael, we offer two main ministries for the bereaved—the Funeral Mass, and the Funeral Luncheon (to provide a meal for the bereaved family and friends following the Funeral Mass) and we are in need of volunteers to help with both these ministries. Participating in these ministries is a very special way that you can show your love and support to who have experienced the loss of a loved one.


  1. Funeral Mass Coordinator--helps to set up the altar for the Mass, directs volunteers, and generally assists Fr. Terry behind the scenes.

  2. Funeral Altar Servers--serves the Mass and assists Fr. Terry during the liturgy (training is provided).


FUNERAL LUNCHEON - A dedicated joyful group of men and women provide a meal for the bereaved family and friends following the funeral Mass.

  1. Funeral Luncheon Coordinator—prior to the luncheon, takes care of ordering/purchasing sufficient supplies and food for the dinner; calls and organizes volunteers.

  2. Cook — prepares and cooks the pasta and sauce.

  3. Workers —set up, serve, and clean up; make salads, coffee, and plate desserts.

  4. Salads and desserts—sign up to provide salads or desserts

To volunteer for one of these ministries, or for more information, please call the Parish Office

​         at 330-533-6839 or email


Dear Men and Women of the Parish:


     Most of us have been touched in some way by death and have come to realize the importance of the love and support of family and friends at that time.    

     Here at St. Michael we are fortunate to be able to express this love and support for one another by offering the bereaved family and friends a meal following the funeral liturgy. This meal is offered, as an expression of oneness with them, to the families of all those buried from St. Michael as well as to the parishioners who lose a member of their immediate household who may not be a Catholic.

     There is, of course, no charge to the family for this. Recognizing the very real bond which unites all of us as brothers and sisters in Christ, it is most appropriate that the entire parish works together to provide this meal.

     We encourage both men and women to take part in this ministry in some way. It is greatly appreciated by the families and is a meaningful way for us to use our time and talent to build

up the body of Christ which is Saint Michael Parish.


Yours in Christ,

Funeral Luncheon Committee