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Our First Annual Oktoberfest


Saturday, October 23.

When the doors opened at 5:30 (after the 4:30 Mass) there was time to sample a few appetizers

and enjoy a beverage, especially a few Oktoberfest themed beers, as well as wine and soft drinks/coffee,

and time to get in on a few raffles.


The cost was $30 per person.

During the event, one ticket was pulled for a $1,000 Early Bird winner from our Annual Parish Raffle.

Chances for three other prizes ($3,000, $2,000, & $1,000) will be drawn at the Annual Wine Tasting

scheduled for January 29, 2022.

     After more than a year and a half, it was wonderful to gather together and share in each other’s company


It was a fun evening!

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