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Music Notes

Music Ministries -

Praising God with Song

and Sacred Music


After much reflection and consideration, we are announcing the formation of a new “seasonal choir” for Saint Michael Parish. This choir will assist in leading the congregation in song at various liturgies throughout the year. The first liturgy for the soon to be formed choir will be the Easter Vigil. It is our hope that this seasonal approach will allow many who cannot commit to a weekly schedule to participate. Additionally, when a choir only participates at the same Mass each week, no more than one third of the community even knows they exist. The role of a choir has greatly changed in the developments of the liturgy since Vatican II. While no longer the only voices singing the Mass, the primary goal of a choir is to enable the entire congregation to join in praise of God through song. Certainly some musical ability is a prerequisite for the choir, other necessary functions are: a commitment to rehearsals (if you cannot practice, you cannot expect to be part of the end result), a positive attitude in being guided by our music director, and a willingness to be part of a group – while any given selection may be best served by a few, or even one voice, the choir functions as a group – there are no “breakout stars” in a parish choir.


Purpose: A variety of instruments are frequently added to our liturgical celebrations.

If you are interested in any Music Ministry, please call the parish office (330-533-6839), contact Music Ministry Director Laura Kunkel after Mass, or email:

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