Music Notes

Music Ministries -

Praising God with Song

and Sacred Music


Purpose: To lead the assembly in singing at Mass on Sundays and at special liturgies throughout the year.

The cantor leads the congregation in singing hymns and the responsorial psalm as needed.  At times a cantor may sing a meditation hymn.  The cantor is an important part of our worship here at Saint Michael Parish. A cantor must have a pleasant singing voice and should be able to read music.  New cantors will need to have an audition and a short training session.  High school and college students are encouraged to be part of this ministry. 


Purpose:  The Saint Michael Choir praises God in song and leads the congregation in singing at 9:00 AM Mass on Sundays and at special liturgies throughout the year.  The choir also provides sacred music to enhance the prayer of the assembly, embellishing when appropriate, the music of the liturgy through harmony, descants, and solos. 


​The choir is open to anyone who can carry a tune and musically blend in with other singers. Singers of all ages, from middle-school students to senior citizens, are welcome. We are a friendly and fun group. If interested please call the parish office at 330-533-6839.

Children’s Choir

Purpose: This group meets at certain times of the year -- particularly Christmas and Easter. To be part of the choir, children must be able to read.


Purpose: A variety of instruments are frequently

added to our liturgical celebrations.

Brass of Saint Michael

Purpose: To accompany the choir and congregation or perform instrumentals as an ensemble during scheduled and special liturgies and celebrations throughout the year.

If you are interested in any Music Ministry, please call the parish office (330-533-6839), contact Music Ministry Director

Laura Kunkel after Mass, or email:


                                            Top Ten Reasons to Join the Choir
10.  Choir enables you to participate more fully in the liturgy.
9.  Choir is good for your brain. Music involves more parts of the brain than any other function that people perform.
8.  Choir involves being a part of something greater than yourself. You are only one voice, but joining your voice with others in a common cause becomes a powerful experience.
7.  Students seeking NHS service hours or Scout badges can get credit for participation in Choir.
6.  Choir members make new friends, attend events, and have fun!
5.  When you sing, you pray twice.
4.  One-hour (that’s all!) weekly rehearsals provide time to review all the music, learn new songs, and practice singing parts.
3.  Choir provides moments of sheer joy.
2.  Choir enables you to be a front-row participant in all the beautiful liturgies offered at Saint Michael during the year.
1.  The verb “to sing” (and related words such as “song”) is one of the msot commonly used words in the Bible. Pope Benedict SVI stated that when we come “into contact with God, mere speech is not enough”; parts of our “existence are awakened that spontaneously turn into song.” Help us continue our Biblical heritage here at Saint Michael by joining

the Choir. We need you!