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YFF Calendar


Marcy Fessler

Pastoral Associate 

Saint Michael Parish

300 North Broad Street

Canfield, OH 44406

Office: 330-533-6839 


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Registration has begun for the 2024-2025 Youth Faith Formation Year, Kindergarten through Grade 8.  We have limited spots for kindergarten, so be sure to register soon.  


Per Diocesan guidelines, children are required to attend Faith Formation classes for two years prior to receiving any sacraments.



Active participation in all grades is expected in order to be accepted into Confirmation Preparation. 


Registration forms are available at the parish office.


Contact Marcy  (330-533-6839) with any questions. 


Registration forms are due by September 4.

Volunteers Needed

We need a few new volunteers to join our teams of catechists in grades 2, 3-4, and 7-8.  Every grade level has teams of catechists who work together and back each other up.  I highly encourage you to chat with our current catechists.  They will happily share their experiences from last year and answer some preliminary questions. 


For additional information on joining the YFF catechetical team, please call Marcy at the parish office (330-533-6839) to set up an appointment to talk about the expectations, requirements, and the Safe Environment process.



Safe Environment

Everyone who works with children must be in full compliance with the Diocesan Safe Environment Policy.  There is a new update to the policy and every current volunteer and parish employee must log on to their VIRTUS account, read and sign the new Appendix 9.  This MUST be done by August 1 to maintain your compliance with the Safe Environment policy. 

Call Marcy at the parish office (330-533-6839) if you have any questions or problems logging into your VIRTUS account.

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