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Liturgical Ministers

Purpose:  Liturgical ministers are volunteers who, together with Father Lavelle and the music ministers, help to ensure that our liturgies are joyful, prayerful, and welcoming. Every Mass uses a variety of ministers, all exercising their own gifts for the good of the community.

Mass Coordinator

Each Mass has a Mass coordinator, who arrives early to set up, stays late to clean up, makes sure all the assigned ministers have arrived (and finds volunteers to fill in any open slots), and makes sure everyone knows their job. Coordinators usually have some experience in other liturgical ministries before they become coordinators.

Greeters and Ushers

Greeters and Ushers are some of the most important of our ministries because these are the first people that newcomers and visitors to our parish meet. They offer a warm welcome to all those who enter our church. As with all our ministries, they are scheduled at the Mass of their choosing approximately once a month.
Greeters: Greeters arrive approximately 15 minutes before Mass begins, and stand at one of the church doors, saying hello and welcoming everyone who enters. Once Mass begins, the job is done! This ministry is open to all ages; entire families can greet together (it’s a great way to introduce children to service).
Ushers: Ushers also greet parishioners as they arrive; they also find a family to bring up the gifts, take up the collection, and direct the communion procession. Ushers are the people who answer questions, assist visitors looking for a restroom, and help people to find seats. This ministry is open to all adults, and young people middle school and up.

Altar Servers

We have a continuing need for altar servers at all our Masses, but our most serious need is at the 4:30 Saturday Mass. If you become an altar server, you would be scheduled at the Mass of your choosing approximately once a month. Altar servers assist Fr. Terry and Deacon Tom during the Mass. They hold the book for Fr. Terry to read the prayers, lead the procession with candles and cross, carry the sacred vessels to and from the altar, carry the gifts of bread and wine to the altar.  Young people in the fourth grade and older are eligible to become servers. Trainings are scheduled several times a year, but don’t wait—we will train you at any time! If you are interested in becoming an altar server, please call Maureen Hall at the parish office (330-533-6839) or email  One of the most visible ministries is that of altar server. By doing their job well, servers help us all to pray and participate better by their example.


Lectors are the ministers who proclaim the Word of God and read the Prayers of the Faithful during Mass. To be a lector, you need to be a good reader, and you need to speak clearly and project your voice so that all can hear the Scriptures. As with all our ministries, you would be scheduled at the Mass of your choosing approximately once a month. If you do a lot of public speaking, or if you are a young person involved in speech and debate, or if you just have a particular love for the Scriptures, this might be the ministry for you! This ministry is open to all confirmed Catholics, eighth grade and up.


Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are those people who assist the priest and deacon in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful at communion time. If you have a special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, this is the ministry for you! To share the Body of Christ with each parishioner is incredibly rewarding! This ministry is open to all confirmed Catholics aged sixteen and up.

Ministers to the Homebound

We have reinstated the Homebound Eucharist Ministry and are in need of a few more volunteers.  If you are a Eucharistic Minister and are interested in taking communion to the homebound, please contact Kay McCarthy at 330-533-4982.  Please note: Anyone who takes communion into people’s homes or into nursing homes/assisted living facilities must be in compliance with the Diocesan Safe Environment Policy before beginning your ministry.  You will need to read the Diocesan policy and sign an acknowledgement, complete an online VIRTUS training, and submit your fingerprints for a background check. For more information on this policy, please call Maureen Hall at the parish office.



If you think you are being called to any of these ministries, please contact Maureen Hall at the parish office. Phone: 330-533-6839, email: or Maxine Gordon

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