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This weekend’s Gospel offers the familiar telling of “the man born blind”.  In this story, the behavior of the crowd is rather disturbing.  On one hand, they are consumed with the perceived sin that they believe placed the blind man in his condition, rather than focusing on how they could help him.  And when Jesus provides healing, they are more concerned on his violating their customs, than rejoicing in the restoration of health.  How often in our own society do we find people blaming others for their own poverty, and even chastising those who offer help.  Jesus himself reminds us that we are called to recognize suffering, and work to alleviate it in our world. 


Your prayerful response to the Annual Diocesan Appeal:  One in Hope, One in Mission, makes possible the compassionate work of Catholic Charities and our ability to extend the mission of the  Church throughout our diocese. 

To date 173 families of Saint Michael Parish have pledged $78,261.00 (73%) toward our goal of $107,000.00.  This is our share of the $4,000,000.00 goal for our entire diocesan family.  If you have not yet made a pledge, please consider doing so between now and next Sunday-Palm Sunday. 


Thank you to everyone who has already made a prayerful response to the Annual Appeal. 

For more information about the work of the appeal, materials can be found in the Church or by visiting

To make a gift online click HERE.


On behalf of Bishop Bonnar, and all who will be ministered to by your generosity – thank you.  Through this great expression of love, we pray, “That all may be one!”.

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