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  Christmas Giving Program 

THANK YOU to everyone who so generously and lovingly supported our annual Christmas Giving Program.  The outreach made possible this Christmas is a true testament to the core value of loving one another.  We are grateful to those who prepared the ornaments, replenished the wreaths, and who will be assisting in forwarding the funds provided to the various agencies – who, in turn, will provide the gifts and food necessary to provide a glorious Christmas for so many.  While the vast majority of the contributions have been received, there are always some last minute needs with which your gift could assist.  Given this continuing need, we will keep the wreaths up through Christmas so we may provide for those who come to us even in the days following Christmas. Thank you, and as we prepare for our Christmas celebration, let us keep in prayer all served by this year’s Christmas Giving Program.  God bless you all! 

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