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Purpose:  A.C.T.I.O.N. (Alliance for Congregational Transformation Influencing Our Neighborhoods) is a faith based group whose purpose is to raise awareness, sponsor forums, provide leadership, and present solutions for overcoming poverty and its associated conditions within the city of Youngstown. Its membership includes several inner city churches and many outlying Catholic Parishes. Working together these congregations have brought about many positive changes in inner city Youngstown and continue to work on a shoe-string budget to carry out their mission. A.C.T.I.O.N. members are committed to listening, learning, leading, as well as collectively acting on our values in the public arena to bring about changes in the greater Youngstown Metropolitan Area. They are in need of voices raised on their behalf and would welcome your input.

Please contact the parish office if you are interested in working for this worthy endeavor.



 What is ACTION and why should I care?


If we want to be good people... "we must be concerned for the poor and marginalized."

ACTION works to provide better life conditions for people whose lives are impacted by poverty, lack of education and violence. It has been in existence for 12 years. Twenty-one Churches, and Organizations remain an integral part of ACTION.


Here are some of the things ACTION has been working on recently and is working on now:


  • Fighting "food deserts" in the city through the Farmers Marketplace and urban gardens

  • Conducting "Holy Ground" marches through neighborhoods where crime in concentrated

  • Using Hot Spot Cards - which are cards that a citizen can fill out anonymously and give to ACTION which takes them to the police authority who can do something about the problem.

  • Distributing of Door Clubs to senior citizens who can use them to make their homes safer

  • Working to help Eastern Gateway Community College secure a central location in Youngstown

  • Participating in the Power of 32 Regionalization Project (includes counties in OH, PA and WV.)

  • Assisting in passing and renewing the Youngstown City Schools levy

  • Organizing parents and concerned citizens to influence the Youngstown City Board of Education to do things which are in the best interests of children.

  • Working to keep an adequate number and distribution of polling places

  • Working to see abandoned properties be razed or rehabilitated

  • Helping set up block watches

  • Working with UNISON to address the needs of the aged, blind, and disabled citizens.

  • Submitting grants for funding to establish a "Re-entry Center" to help people returning from incarceration to find jobs and get on the right path as soon as they return

  • Promoting awareness of the number of people who depend on WRTA for basic transportation.


Have fun and support the social justice work of ACTION


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