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Scholarship Committee

Purpose: The Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to qualified Saint Michael high school seniors. These

awards are based upon evidence of the students' Christian stewardship, participation in parish and community philanthropic efforts, and completion of the requisite application and essay, and are dependent upon admission to

and acceptance of a course of study at an accredited facility of higher education. To date, awards have been granted

to over 190 graduates. The committee holds an Annual Scholarship fundraiser to benefit the Saint Michael Scholarship Fund. (We are looking for volunteers to join our committee in order to continue this very worthwhile ministry.  Anyone interested in helping please call the Parish Office for more information.)

At Saint Michael we are blessed with some very amazing young people!

On behalf of the entire parish, we congratulate the following High School Seniors

upon successful completion of the applications for the 2021 Saint Michael Scholarship Awards: 

   Aaron Ferguson

      Alex Kuzior

      Kaleb Sepe

These awards were made possible by the generosity of Saint Michael Parishioners, as well as various other Friends

of Education who contributed to the Saint Michael Scholarship fund. We thank them for their generosity.



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