Buildings and Grounds Update

                                                             From the Pastor

                                                                      "SIGHT – SOUND – SONG”

During my first few weeks here, a variety of people have kindly brought to my attention a few concerns about the Church building. The top three most mentioned have been the lighting, the sound system, and the materials for singing. While none of these three will be changed by next weekend, I want to assure everyone that these are being addressed.


This Church has a striking character, with the use of brick and wood – but neither of those surfaces offers a color conducive to bouncing light around. Remember, it was decades before we had the beautiful stained glass windows, allowing more natural light into the building. However, at the same time, these hard surfaces can create a challenge to the sound. Would that the light and sound would bounce around the building as well as some rumors. I have no intention of painting either the brick or the ceiling. I do intend to investigate how we can work to illuminate the building to different degrees at different times, depending on the season and celebration.


I have also had several people mention difficulty with the sound. I wholeheartedly agree that the microphones for the ambo and the cantor/choir are not what they should be. I have also had people tell me they cannot hear me, while others have told me I am too loud (I hope that was a critique of the sound and not my general character lol). After more than a few people told me they could not hear in the side sections, I walked over to discover there are no speakers in the side sections of the Church. Image if there were no light fixtures at all in those sections – no one would be able to see. So in addition to addressing the lighting, we will be addressing the microphone and speaker issue.


Finally, I understand the weekly song sheets are difficult for some people to see (back to the lighting). This is a temporary fix. The disposable paperback song books run only until the end of November. With COVID, there was no need to order the 2021 books last November. To order them now would be spending the same amount of money for a fraction of the time in use. We are currently looking at a few permanent song books for our parish. Not only will this provide a larger selection of music, but it will be more cost effective, long term, and much more responsible in terms of the environment. In the coming weeks, we will also begin seeking sponsorships for the books, either in memory or honor of different individuals.

I know that there have been many other issues brought to my attention, and we will begin addressing them as well, but as I said, these were the three mentioned with the most frequency. I will discuss a few of the other matters in the coming weeks, such as the south parking lot (or as I have referred to it – the “Sea of Galilee”), as well as the parish residence.

I am very grateful for all the work everyone has done over the years to make the parish such a wonderful place of ministry and service, and I thank you for your desire to see things continue to meet our needs the needs of those to come after us. God bless you all.

On the wings of an angel we rise,

Father Lavelle

July 25, 2021