– 2019 parish goal adopted by Pastoral Council

Dear Parishioners,

Did you notice the new parish goal for 2019? Every year in the fall parish council sets a goal for the new year. It then become the headline for page two of the bulletin each week. The goal chosen for the calendar year 2019 is “Healing our church one random act of kindness at a time.” We must admit that 2018 was not a good year for our Catholic Church, and we are certainly in need of healing. Parish Council felt that we could create great healing by doing one random act of kindness a day. Have you ever tried doing a random act of kindness? Try it. It makes everyone feel better, the giver, the recipient, and the witnesses. Go ahead, give it a try.
Fr. Terry Hazel

Dear Parishioners,

Our parish goal for 2019 is: “Healing our Church one random act of kindness at a time.”

To keep us all in check, I thought it might be a great idea to put in the bulletin each week one act of kindness that one of our parishioners performed the week before. No names will be listed, just a description of the random act of kindness performed. That might give us some ideas of what we all could be doing. What do you think? Again, no names will be published as I would not want to embarrass anyone.


Please take a few moments to write down and send any memories of “random acts of kindnesses” that you may have been a part of or witnessed.  They do not have to be earth-moving, just simple acts that brighten someone’s day. I am convinced that the more we hear of good things the more we will be inclined to do good things and the faster these acts of kindness will spread.  So be kind!  It won’t cost you a dime!  Make random acts of kindness the norm!

Fr. Terry Hazel

                         Random Acts of Kindness Reported by our Parishioners

"A man was next to me at a vegetable stand and said he had dropped his money in the store across the street and no one saw it. He said he didn’t have any money. I gave him some money so he could by some fruit then I left, but I thought about him and went back and told him to walk next door to the fast food place so I could buy him some supper. He got his order, thanked me and went on his way."

"There is an elderly lady in our neighborhood who has a dog. Everyday a neighboring teen girl takes the dog for a long walk at no charge."

“I was walking out of a store. Behind me was a young father with three small boys, the oldest being maybe 7 years old. As I neared the door  heard the father say to the oldest, “Hold the door for that man.” The young boy quickly walked around me and opened the door and held it open for me. I thanked him and said, “You are really a nice guy.” Kudos to the polite young boy and kudos to the father for teaching  the child how to be kind.”

"I was driving down the road where I saw in front of me what appeared to be an empty box, size maybe 2 feet by 2 feet. I drove around it like everybody else. It did require leaving my lane. On my return trip I saw in front of me a woman with a dog in the middle of the road. She picked up the box and took it off the road, thus eliminating the hazard. Kudos to you, dear woman!"

"I accidentally left my purse in a shopping cart. Someone picked it up and turned it into the office. When I went to pick it up I was pleasantly surprised to find everything still there – cash as well as credit cards. A HUGE thank you to the good Samaritan!"

"One car had entered from a side entrance and had been waiting to get in line at the drive-thru window. I let her go in front of me. When I reached the window to pay for my order I was surprised to find out that she had paid for it as a thank you!"

"I saw a man hold the door open for a women entering the bank, which also meant she went ahead of him to the cashier. She motioned for him to go ahead of her to the cashier, but he insisted she go first. Kudos."

"I saw an elderly man putting his groceries into his trunk in the store parking lot. Three young boys (maybe 5th grade) in baseball uniforms were walking by and stopped to help, and then even took the cart back into the store."

"I received an anonymous Easter Card with a $20.00 bill in it. Thanks, whoever you are!
Happy Easter—a parishioner."

"I witnessed at 90+ year old parishioner assist a 70+ plus year old walking with a cane as she struggled to hold her plate through a buffet line while leaning onto her cane. This 90+ year old stepped in to carry her plate for her while other and much younger people stood by and watched."

"I was walking into a store behind a woman who unknowingly dropped a $20.-00 bill. I picked it up and called after her and returned it to her."

“A parishioner (father/son team), shoveled heavy snow off my driveway without being asked to and never asked for pay.”

"The car in front of me paid for my lunch at an area drive-through."

"An elderly couple was eating dinner at a local restaurant. When it came time to get the bill, the couple was told their bill, including the tip, had been picked by another diner who was already gone."

“I saw two kids in school start to bully another student, so I interrupted the two and told them to stop being jerks.”

“A parishioner cleaned up water in my basement with a shop-vac after a heavy rainfall.”

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