Pastoral Council

Purpose:  To discern the overall vision and direction of the parish community, and to advise the pastor in any area of interest. Members are either appointed to represent various ministries or discerned by the parish as a whole. Two youth representatives also serve on council. This group meets throughout the year on a set schedule.


– 2019 parish theme adopted by Pastoral Council


Dear Parishioners,
Did you notice the new parish goal for 2019? Every year in the fall parish council sets a goal for the new year. It then becomes the headline for page two of the bulletin each week. The goal chosen for the calendar year 2019 is “Healing our church one random act of kindness at a time.” We must admit that 2018 was not a good year for our Catholic Church, and we are certainly in need of healing. Parish Council felt that we could create great healing by doing one random act of kindness a day. Have you ever tried doing a random act of kindness? Try it. It makes everyone feel better, the giver, the recipient and the witnesses. Go ahead, give it a try.
Fr. Terry Hazel

Pastoral Council Members

Father Terrence Hazel

​Maria Cerni

Shirley Dunn

Aaron Ferguson

Audrey Geskey

Maureen Hall

     Maxine Gordon, Chairperson

​Carol Herron

​Michael Kempe

John L. (Jack) LeBrun

​Patricia (Sam) Pilolli

Mary Pullin


Deacon Tom Soich

Bob Smallwood

Nicky Uerling

Scott Weamer

Charles Wirtz

Joan Zarlenga

                                    PASTORAL COUNCIL DISCERNMENT PROCESS


Our parish Pastoral Council members serve for three years. New terms begin each fall

when three new members join the Council following a self-nomination/discernment process.

For information about the Discernment Process, including the "self-nomination

form", click Here.  Please consider this special way to serve your parish.