We are proud of our 2019 Graduates:

Daniel Beistel

Claire Berlin

Alexis Bernat

Benjamin Braunstein

Frank Bucciarelli

Aidan Burcsak

Mia Cayavec

Sydney Cianciola

Samantha Colonna-Noble

Clare Marie Crescimanno

Benjamin Cutrer

Michael Dascenzo

Dominic DeRamo

Nathan DeRose

James Dietz, Jr.

Olivia Donadee

Jacob Donadee

Tyler Eichert

Dante Flak

Gianna Flask

Hannah Fryfogle

Kyle Gamble

Vince Giordano

Mary Nicole Gomez

Alexa Grabiec

Hunter Hale

Ronald Hefner

Richard Herrera

Sophie Hodge

Colin Hritz

Ashley Jones

Nicole Joseph

Sydney Karlock

Hannah Keffler

Gillian Koneval

Candice Kraykovich

Robert Kutsch

Fiona Lally

Gina Landers

Tyler Lantz

Brian Litwin

Pasquale “Pat” Lorelli

Faith Marscio

Taylor Mayorga

Chane Merlin

Victoria Messuri

Preston Miller

James Moore

Andrew Murphy

Joseph Myers

Delaney Notar

Aleia Osborne

Like Pallante

Jason Paris

Dominic Pilolli

Luigi Rohrbaugh

Chad Scianna

Scott Brooke

Faith Ann Slater

Gianna Socciarelli

Justin Spatar

Ashley Ventimiglia

Brianna Ventimiglia

Theresa Wasylychyn

Jacob Whittenberger

Emily Yurchison

Aubrey Yurco-Orleans

Matthew Zaremski

Dear high school graduates:

I would like to salute our graduating high school seniors. I believe in you. Graduating from high school is certainly the end of one chapter in life and the beginning of another. I know you probably hear this expression a lot but it is definitely true. You will all be beginning a new chapter as you go to college, or to a technical school, or to the military, or directly into the world of work. I certainly encourage you not to neglect the spiritual side of your being as that is so important. Spirituality puts you in touch with yourself: who you are and who you are called to be by your creator. Remember that God did not put us on earth to play around for a while and then die, He put us here for a purpose. That purpose is the same for all of us, which is to leave the world a better place than you found it. Now, how we do that is unique to each individual depending on the gifts God gave you. Try to discern your God given gifts and then use them to make you own corner of the world a better place.

Fr. Terry Hazel



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