Our graduating high school seniors were honored with a blessing at the 9:00 AM Mass on Sunday April 29,

followed by brunch in the Parish Hall. Congratulations to all our graduates!” 

We are proud of our 2018 Graduates:

Samuel Accordino

Jillian Baker

Cullen Brady

Nichole Breuer

Anthony Brocious

Julia Bruno

Shelby Byrne

Jack Cappabianca

Thomas Cappelli

Zoe Cavoulas

Timothy Cianciola

Brandon Clinker

David Crawford

Jordyn Cross

Dean Cutrer

Fred Cutrer

Lindsay Davis

Dean DeSanto

Connor Dye

Sydney Fabry

Julia Ferrick

Jessica Ferrick

James Fitzgerald

Emerson Fletcher

Paul French

Johnathan French

Alexa Gaetano

Dominick Gelonese

David Giancola

Mackenzie Hammond

Joseph Haniford

Madison Honthy

Jackson Horvat

Emily Hrina

Abigail Hursh

Kathryn Jenkins

Ethan Kalina

Daniel Kapalko

Paxton Karlock

Lauren Kerensky

Alexis Klinker

Garret Kuchmaner

Brendan Kuzior

Taylor Lampe

Benjamin Lawson

Sydney Lewis

James Litwin

James Lorelli

Austin Lowry

Carmen Luongo

Giovanni Mavar

Alexander Maxin

Mitchell McConnell

Ashley McKee

Michelle McKnight

Reagan Meusborn

Amanda Morales

Taylor Nabb

Justin Neff

Gianna Pacella

Anthony Pacifico

Hailey Peservich

Amanda Petro

Nicholas Piersante

Anna Pugh

Jack Rafoth

Jamison Ritter

Allyson Rizer

Taryn Rothbauer

Abigail Schors

Carmen Seybert

Mariah Sincel

Charles Staffeld

Lindsay Syms

Kevin Taylor

Zachary Tinkey

Zachary Torok

Christina Tucker

Dominic Velasquez

Amanda Ventimiglia

Alexander Veverka

Sarah Veverka

Christopher West

Eleanore Wexler

Thaddeus Wexler II

Jared Yohman

Dear high school graduates:

I would like to salute our graduating high school seniors. I believe in you. Graduating from high school is certainly the end of one chapter in life and the beginning of another. I know you probably hear this expression a lot but it is definitely true. You will all be beginning a new chapter as you go to college, or to a technical school, or to the military, or directly into the world of work. I certainly encourage you not to neglect the spiritual side of your being as that is so important. Spirituality puts you in touch with yourself: who you are and who you are called to be by your creator. Remember that God did not put us on earth to play around for a while and then die, He put us here for a purpose. That purpose is the same for all of us, which is to leave the world a better place than you found it. Now, how we do that is unique to each individual depending on the gifts God gave you. Try to discern your God given gifts and then use them to make you own corner of the world a better place.

Fr. Terry Hazel



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