Dear Miss Behavior:


December 30, 2018

Miss Behavior Describes the Feast

Dear Miss Behavior: 

Please explain why January 1 is a holy day of obligation. What are we celebrating, the beginning of the New Year?



December 23, 2018

Miss Behavior’s Christmas Facts

Dear Miss Behavior:

Here’s an idea: why not tell us some facts about Christmas that we may not already know.



December 16, 2018

Miss Behavior Sings the Antiphons

Dear Miss Behavior: 

I have noticed that at least four Advent hymns have similar words. The hymns are “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,”         “Christ, Circle Round Us,” "Blessed and Holy," and “My Soul in Stillness Waits.” Is there some significance to this coincidence? Maybe it is not a coincidence?



December 09, 2018

Miss Behavior Celebrates Advent

Dear Miss Behavior:

Today is the Second Sunday of Advent. What’s different about this season, liturgically speaking, and why?



December 02, 2018

Miss Behavior Explains the Feast

Dear Miss Behavior: 

I understand that Saturday, December 8th, is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Can you     tell me something about it? Does it have anything to do with Advent? Also, why is it a holy day of obligation?



November 25, 2018

Miss Behavior Explains the Liturgical Year

Dear Miss Behavior;

Why is the Feast of Christ the King, which we celebrate today, considered the end of the liturgical year? Why isn’t this day observed at the end of December, if it’s the end of the year?



November 18, 2018

From the Archives: Miss Behavior Hones in on the Holiday

Dear Miss Behavior:

Now that your column is being read in Albia, Iowa, Struthers, Ohio, and Canfield, Ohio, can you still use your old Thanksgiving column, or will you have to make some changes?


Hungry for Turkey

November 11, 2018

Miss Behavior Remembers Our Veterans

Dear Miss Behavior:

Today is Veterans Day. Is it appropriate to commemorate this day in our liturgy?


Justa Parishioner

November 04, 2018

From the Archives: Miss Behavior Goes to the Polls

Dear Miss Behavior:

I don't feel like voting. What do you think of that? Do you remember the story about the little old lady who said she didn't want to vote for any of the candidates because "voting only encourages them"? That's how I feel.


Arnie Apathetic

October 28, 2018

From the Archives: Miss Behavior Prepares to Celebrate

Dear Miss Behavior:

Can you tell me something about Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day? They seem to come one after another. And is it OK to celebrate Halloween? Some people don’t think so.



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