Mass Intentions

Masses may be scheduled by visiting the parish office or calling (330-533-6839) to make arrangements. If scheduling by phone, a check may be mailed to the office. An individual is permitted to schedule up to 6 Masses per year per deceased person.  Because the number of Saturday and Sunday Masses available for intentions is somewhat limited, it is necessary to limit those Masses to 1 per year per deceased person.  Weekday Mass intentions will be limited to 5 Masses per year per deceased person.  Mass offering is $10.00.  


If you are interested in bringing up the gifts in the Offertory Procession, please see the ushers before Mass begins.

From Our Pastor


When I arrived at the parish, I was a bit surprised by two things with regard to the Mass intentions.


First, that the calendar for all of 2022 had already been opened. I am used to this happening in September / October, not March / April.


And that there were no Masses scheduled for the “People of the Parish” – not deceased members of the parish, but the current people of the parish. This is often referred to as the “Pro Populo Mass”. According to Canon 534.1, “After a pastor has taken possession of his parish, he is obliged to apply a Mass for the people entrusted to him on each Sunday and holy day of obligation in his diocese. If he is legitimately impeded from this celebration, however, he is to apply it on the same days through another or on other days himself”. With no apparent impediment, I am working to make sure that one Sunday Mass a weekend is celebrated for the People of the Parish.


Additionally, Holy Days such as Christmas and Easter, along with a few others, all the Masses will be celebrated for the “People of the Parish”. I have long been concerned with one individual or family taking precedence over others on these very special celebrations. Likewise, we will celebrate Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day weekends for all our mothers and fathers, living and deceased, respectively.


This will begin now. I know there have been some of these Masses scheduled already, and we are in the process of moving intentions around. If this affects you or your family, there is nothing that prohibits you from praying for your loved ones on that particular day without having the actual named intention. Waiting to implement these types of Mass intentions until after the current calendar ran out would mean, in some cases, waiting nearly two years from my arrival as pastor, which I simply cannot do.


Please note, intention requests for the 2023 calendar will begin in October. Thank you, and may we each bring to the liturgy, not only prayers for the stated intention, but for all our loved ones, each and every day. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Father Lavelle