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As you can clearly see (no pun intended), the lighting project is progressing. Once the lighting panel is installed, we will be working with it to provide the best settings for various liturgical seasons, as well as times of year.  After many years of more subdued lighting, this may seem rather bright to some.  Some will stare at the light fixture and say – “this is way too bright”.  Of course, that will happen if you stare into the light.  We do not stare into the light bulbs in the lamps in our homes.  We simply allow the light to shine so we can see everything we need to.  The finished project will allow us to clearly see everything, for our reading and singing, as well as our understanding and appreciation of all our worship entails.  Thank you again to the many wonderful members of our parish family who have sponsored the vast majority of this project.  There are still four large center chandeliers available for sponsorship at a cost of $10,000 each.  Hopefully, if we stay on track, everyone will be able to see them next weekend.  If you are interested, please contact the parish office.  Again, May the Light of Christ shine on us always and everywhere.

After much discussion, we have moved forward with replacing and upgrading the lighting in the Church. The plan calls for the installation of a lighting panel (something we do not have currently); new chandeliers in the main body of the Church, as well as the front gathering space; new lighting on both side sections, as well as the Holy Family Shrine and the Blessed Sacrament; new lighting for the sanctuary and the Crucifix, the Risen Christ, and Archangel Window. Each aspect of the project involves additional work on wiring and other equipment, especially where there currently are no lights. To assist in making this project more feasible for the parish finances, we are inviting sponsors for the project. Sponsors will be included in a plaque, which will also include the mosaic and marble donors to the recent sanctuary project and will be similar to the current plaques for the Stained Glass and Stations of the Cross donors. All levels of sponsorship are named for liturgical music including “light” in the title. Just a little note, if this is not a project you are interested in sponsoring, but are looking to provide support in the future, our next project will be new kneelers and refinishing the existing pews in the center section of the Church. Stay tuned.


The “Lumen Christi - Light of Christ” sponsorship is $20,000 – this covers the cost of installing the lighting panel which controls all the lighting in the Church. This will be the Lead Sponsor. SPONSORED


The “Let There Be Light” sponsorship is $15,000 – this provides for all the lighting in the sanctuary, as well as the Holy Family and Blessed Sacrament shrines. SPONSORED


The “We are the Light of the World” sponsorship is $10,000 – these are the large chandeliers in the main body of the Church. There are 8 available sponsorships. 4 SPONSORED


The “Christ, Be Our Light” sponsorship is $6,000 – this for the lighting on the side sections of the Church. There are 2 available sponsorships. SPONSORED!


The “This Little Light of Mine” sponsorship is $4,000 – these are the chandeliers in the front gathering space. There are 5 available sponsorships. SPONSORED!

The “I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light” sponsorship is $4,000 – this provides the lighting on the
Risen Christ and the Archangels Window. SPONSORED!

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