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Before we know it, the first session of Generations of Faith will be here. Families who participated in GoF last year should have their registration packet to be completed. They were handed out in May. Thank you to the families who returned their registration packets! If you have not turned in your packet, please complete it and return it, with the fee, before September 1. The due date is firm so we can have class groups assigned, sign in table organized, and supplies ready.

Last year, there were nearly 40 families who walked in the first day of GoF with their registration packet in hand, or no registration packet at all. It was chaos and cannot happen again. No one will be permitted to stay for Generations of Faith if they have not turned in their registration packet in advance.

If you have lost your packet, please call Marcy at the parish office to get a new packet mailed to you.

If you are new to the parish or Generations of Faith, please call Marcy to learn about Generations of Faith and arrange for a registration packet.

The GoF calendar will be mailed out in a few weeks, only to families who have their packets completed. Do not call for dates. No calendar information will be given over the phone. The Generations of Faith handbook will be available on the parish website at the end of this week. Paper copies will be mailed out with the GoF calendar.

God Bless, Marcy.


Our faith formation program needs some wonderful people to lead the children’s sessions of Generations of Faith.

The role of the leader of the children’s sessions is that of a catechist. A catechist is a faithful lifelong learner who wants to be a part of the journey of faith for others, including children and youth. A catechist is someone who works well with their partner to present the lessons provided in an engaging and positive manner. A catechist is someone who wants to share their faith and learn along with the children or youth in their group.

You do not need to be an expert. You do not need to have prior experience. You do not need to have all the answers. You do need to attend Mass and Holy Days of Obligation. You do need to have a desire to work with children or youth. You do need to be open to the Holy Spirit calling you to active participation in Generations of Faith.

This is an opportunity to share and learn with the children and youth of our parish. You will be working with a partner to present the pre-written lessons. You will be given training, resources and support throughout the year.

Call Marcy at the parish office to set up an appointment to discuss this exciting opportunity to be a part of the Generations of Faith Catechetical Team.

  • Sunday: 1 volunteer for each 1-2; 7-8

  • Monday: 1-2 volunteers for each 1-2; 3-4; 5-6; 7-8

For information about our religious education program contact: 


Marcy Fessler

Pastoral Minister for Catechesis


330-533-6839 ext. 105