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Creed and Scripture: a fun activity to explore how the Creed has biblical roots. 

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Spotlight on Catechists


Danielle Procopio

Danielle is the National Director of Mission Marketing for March of Dimes. This is her second year as a catechist with the first and second graders on Sunday afternoon.

Why did I say yes to being part of the GoF Team? I have a seventh and second grader in the Generations of Faith and have enjoyed our time as a family in the program. Volunteering as a catechist is an opportunity to grow my own faith and deepen my relationship with God. I am grateful for the adults that have supported and encouraged my kids on their faith journey, and I wanted to volunteer my time to be a part of that team. It is an honor to meet and teach your first and second graders and be a part of their experience!

Kerry Wires

Kerry is in her third year as a catechist with Generations of Faith. She leads the fifth and sixth graders on Monday evening.

Why did I say yes to being part of the GoF Team? To be honest, I fell in to teaching GOF because my son’s class at the time didn’t have a teacher! But I was happy to do it since I truly enjoy being around the children- and especially teaching the class with my son there. I love having the opportunity to have a little fun with the kids while also teaching them a little something.


Barbara Cummings

“My name is Barbara Cummings, wife to Michael and mother to two grown children, Jacob and Grace who have also gone through our GoF program. Being a recent “empty nester”, I am so grateful for the religious education my family has received at Saint Michael. It has been a core foundation to their adult lives, and I wanted to contribute in helping to mold the faith of the young children of our church. While seeking an increase in the virtues of faith, hope, and charity this gives me this blessed opportunity to strengthen and deepen my own relationship with Christ”. Mrs. Cummings is a first-time catechist with the fifth and sixth graders on Monday evenings.

Leigh Anne Zielinski

Mrs. Zielinski is in pharmaceutical sales by profession. This is her fourth year as a GoF catechist and leads the third and fourth graders on Monday evening. Why did I say “yes” to being part of the GoF Team? “I said YES to being part of the GoF Team because I wanted to find a way to give back to our community and serve the church while doing so. I enjoy helping others and as a mom of four, I was attending GoF with my own children, so I decided to take it one step further. Offering my help as a catechist for GoF was truly the perfect fit! It's both an honor and a privilege to know that I'm impacting young lives in a positive, faith- focused manner while also gaining many new friendships along the way.”


Louise Campbell:

Mrs. Campbell is an adjunct professor at the University of Mount Union. She is in her second year as a catechist with GoF starting with the 5-6 group and then moving up to the 7-8 group this year. "Why did I say yes to being a part of the GoF team? I am immensely grateful for the precious gift of our Catholic faith! My greatest responsibility as a parent is to nurture that faith in my children. It is an honor for me, in however small a way, to contribute to nurturing the gift of our faith in the young generation of Saint Michael Parish.”

Danielle Kapalko:

Mrs. Kapalko is a paralegal by profession. This is her second year as a catechist with the 1-2 group. "Why did I say yes to being a part of the GoF team? I have had many years in the GoF program. My oldest children, Kaylee (28) and Daniel (23), are former graduates of GoF and once our youngest, Logan (10), began his journey I wanted to help. I have spent a lot of time volunteering in schools and with the PTA so many of the Hilltop students already know me and I love meeting new kids. We have wonderful children in our parish and getting to listen to them and work with them each month is very rewarding for me. The parents involved in the program are spectacular to work with and each month Marcy keeps us on our toes with her creative lessons and leadership. I enjoy the service projects we have and taking Logan to participate in filling them each month is rewarding for him as well. We are very blessed in Canfield to have such great support and I like to help out and do my part.”

Anina Karlovic

Anina is a school principal by profession. This is her second year as a catechist with the First and Second Graders. "Why did I say yes to being part of the GoF Team? I decided to be a part of the GoF team because religious education and building a solid moral foundation for my children is important. I believe in strengthening the community of the church so that generations to come have the opportunity to live in the light of Christ."


Jessica Franceschelli

Jess is a behavior technician by profession. This is her eighth year as a catechist with the Kindergarteners.

"Why did I say yes to being part of the GoF Team? I decided to be a part of the GoF team 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. As a soon to be Mom, I was already thinking of how one day my kids would be a part of Saint Michael. I knew I wanted to be involved in nurturing young children in their faith as they grow in our church community."

For information about our religious education program contact: 


Marcy Fessler

Pastoral Minister for Catechesis

330-533-6839 ext. 105

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