Father Terry's Homilies

Missed Opportunity

April 18, 2021

The following story is true. Just before the turn of the century, a train rumbled through France headed for Paris. Two men sat opposite each other, one a young soldier obviously bored; and the other, an old man content to finger his rosary beads.  As the monotonous miles bumped along, the soldier could not restrain himself.  He blurted out at the direction of the old man: “God isn’t going to save our world – science is!”


The old man smiled and nodded and continued his prayers. The “put down” was too much of a challenge to avoid, so the young soldier began a tirade on the marvels of science, declaring religion to be dying out as the light of science came in. The old man kept smiling and nodding as he continued his rosary.  The soldier continued his attack until the train reached the depot in Paris.

Frog and Toad Plant a Garden

February 7,2021

Once upon a time there was a frog who had a beautiful garden.  His friend, the toad, came walking by and said, “What a fine garden you have frog”.  “Yes”, said the frog, “it is nice. But it was hard work”.


“I wish I had a garden,” said the toad.  “Well here are some seeds,” the frog offered, “Plant them in the ground and soon you will have a garden”.  “How soon”, asked the toad. “Quite soon”, was the reply.  


So the Toad ran home and planted his seeds. “OK seeds”, he said, “start growing”. The toad walked up and down the rows a few times, but the seeds did not start to grow.  The toad knelt down and put his head close to the ground and said loudly: “OK seeds, start growing.”  The toad looked down the rows again, but the seeds did not start to grow.

Frustrated, the toad put his head closer to ground again and shouted louder for a third time “OK seeds, start growing!”

You are a Miracle

February 3, 2021


Somewhere around fourteen years ago a miracle happened, you were born!  Through the love of your parents and the grace of God, you were born into this world and you were given the gift of LIFE.  That was a miracle. Did you ever think of yourself as a miracle?  Well, you are.


Shortly after that another miracle occurred: you were baptized, and at the baptism you received the gift of eternal life. So from the time of that Baptism, you automatically received the gift of eternal life. That is the second and most important miracle. So if anything were to happen to you now, you will automatically go to heaven. The only way you could not go to heaven is if you were to commit severe mortal sin, which I doubt any of you have.


And so these two miracles, the gift of Life and the gift of Eternal Life were both given you in the first months of life, and you didn’t even know what was happening. These gifts were given to you by a loving God, and by four people who spoke for you, your parents and your God parents.

"Where is Jesus Staying?"

January 17, 2021

The following story is true. Dr. Mark Quale is an emergency room physician in Burlington, North Carolina. Like many health care workers during the covid pandemic, Dr. Quale has been putting in 70 and 80 hour weeks at the hospital. But just as stressful has been the fear that he might bring the virus home to his wife, his kids and his mother-in-law. So when he would come home he would take off his scrubs on the porch and walk a specific route to a bathroom cordoned off by a tarp where he would shower.


But now things have changed. Now Dr. Quale isolates himself in a 31 foot travel trailer parked in his front yard. The loan of the trailer is the work of a rather new organization called “RV’s for MDs”, a group organized to 

to connect health care workers with RVs so they can isolate near their homes. From a critical care nurse in Boston to an ER doctor in Lynchburg, Virginia, “RVs for MDs has matched health care workers with RVs, trailers and campers in their immediate areas. To date, the group has matched over 1500 RVs with doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics around the country.