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The Season of Advent 

From the Pastor...

As we enter these final days of preparation for the Birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ, we hear the story of how the birth of Jesus came about, and focus on the faithfulness of Saint Joseph. Placing his trust in God’s message, he became the guardian and protector of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. As we prepare for Christmas, may we seek to express the same faithfulness in our own lives. May the love of God rest upon us with the coming of his Son this Christmas and may we continue to discover ways to be found worthy of this great love in all we do!

Thank you to everyone who has committed themselves to the Advent journey. I pray that these weeks of preparation have truly allowed us to look inward and make our hearts a noble and worthy place for the Lord to dwell not only during this Christmas season, but always.


Merry Christmas!

Father Lavelle


This year, we will be using the Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation I & II at our Sunday celebrations during the Advent season. These are designed to be used during times of reconciliation and penance, and are particularly fitting during the Advent and Lenten seasons. As we heed the call of the Baptizer and prepare the way for the Lord, we are all in need of preparing our hearts, which in most cases, calls for a repentance and change of heart. May these Eucharistic Prayers not merely serve to change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, but may they serve to transform our hearts into a loving dwelling place for Emmanuel – God with Us.

Our Advent Altar
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